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The award, Chopard Superfast Replica worth 25,000 Euros and accompanied by a decoration created by 2 apprentice watchmakers, honours the artist out of Canada for her passionate commitment to the support and progress of audio, and specifically for her inaugural program,"Equilibrium Young Artists".

On account of the cancellation of the year's Dresden Music Festival, the award ceremony won't be held through a public concert.
Barbara Hannigan, among the most visionary personalities among musicians now, has been given the 17th Glashütte Original MusicFestivalAward. The Saxon watchmaker and the Dresden Music Festival honor the Canadian because of her outstanding period endeavors and her passionate devotion to encouraging young musicians.

"It is an essential time to encourage our younger colleagues, to promote them and also to mentor them. This instant, swiss Chopard Superfast Replica when the Glashütte Original MusicFestivalAward occurs, I will say it goes straight to young artists at the very first phase of the career. I believe it's a indication of hope and also a indication of encouragement for them. We're saying: we would like to hear you, we would like to listen to your voices, we would like to hear what you need to saywe would like you to function, we would like you to develop your own endeavors and your own dreams Chopard Replica. It's a time once we adopt our neighborhood, and we try to assist each other. I'm extremely thankful, and I am quite optimistic", states Barbara Hannigan.

Particularly exceptional and remarkable is the fact that since the start of her career she's committed herself with such strength and soul to furthering the growth of young musicians. This makes her an perfect option for the Glashütte Original MusicFestivalAward, which honours artists that carry cultural experiences in an energetic way to the younger generations"

Managing Director and CFO of the German watchmaker, Frank Kittel, hypothesized,"As a manufactory rich in heritage we all know from experience how important it's to pass on valuable knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment to young men and women. As a result, every year that the award honours an artist whose music hasn't moved an global market across the generations, but that has spent a whole lot of her energy and time to help build young talent"

The Chopard Superfast Replica online With that the nomination of Barbara Hannigan, the Dresden Music Festival and also Glashütte Original have combined forces to honor, for the 17th time today, an outstanding figure in the area of music that has made an outstanding contribution on behalf of music.

Every two pupils from the watchmaker's very own"Alfred Helwig" School of Watchmaking make the decoration, whose layout combines traditional craftsmanship and contemporary materials. The Flying Tourbillon is deemed to represent the greatest degrees of the watchmaker's art and has been developed just 100 decades back from the ingenious Glashütte watchmaker, Alfred Helwig.